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Creating a Spinning Progress Bar in Godot

This tutorial covers how to create a spinning or indeterminate progress bar using the Godot Engine. Progress bars are easily created using the TextureProgress control node, but a little more work is needed to create one with a spinning or indeterminate effect. Radial Progress Bar To create a radial or circular progress bar, first create a TextureProgress control node. This node is specifically for creating progress bars and already has properties for handling standard linear progress bars along with radial progress bars....

August 24, 2022 路 Thomas Langford

Advent of Code 2021

Christmas is almost upon us 馃巹 I recently discovered the very interesting Advent of Code challenge, in which a different coding puzzle is presented each day. I鈥檓 going to attempt to solve these puzzles using GDScript and will be posting my solutions here in this series. The solution code will be posted on Github. Feel free to follow along, ask questions, and let鈥檚 see how far we can go! Why GDScript?...

December 11, 2021 路 Thomas Langford

Handling the Android Back Button in Godot

This tutorial covers how to handle the back button on an Android app created with Godot Engine. By default Godot handles the back button on Android automatically and will quit out of your application when the back button is pressed. This needs to be disabled in the project settings or manually via GDScript to handle the back button differently. Disable Through Project Settings Open the project settings and search for quit....

December 7, 2021 路 Thomas Langford

Creating a SSL Client in Godot

This tutorial will cover using Godot鈥檚 StreamPeerSSL class to create a TLS/SSL connection to a server. It builds off of my TCP client tutorial where we created a TCP (non-SSL) connection. You will need the completed client.gd file found at the end of the Client Class section (in the aforementioned TCP client tutorial) to start from for the remainder of this tutorial. Disclaimer I am not a security expert and claim no guarantees on the safety of using this technique....

September 10, 2021 路 Thomas Langford

Creating a TCP Client in Godot

Godot has excellent networking support with a fully implemented high level networking API to make creating networked multiplayer games easy. Occasionally though, it鈥檚 desirable to have a direct TCP connection to a server to be able to send or receive some information. This tutorial will walk you through using Godot鈥檚 StreamPeerTCP class to create a client than can connect to a TCP server. Setup First create a new Godot project....

August 8, 2021 路 Thomas Langford

Playing FMOD Events from Godot

This article will cover using the Godot FMOD plugin to play sound assets that are generated from an FMOD project. If you have not already integrated FMOD with Godot, then check out my tutorial here to get started. We will be creating a character that walks around with audible footsteps. The sound of the footsteps will vary with each footstep and can be set to different surfaces. Creating FMOD Banks We will be using sound banks from the FMOD examples project that is installed with FMOD Studio....

January 10, 2021 路 Thomas Langford

Integrating FMOD with Godot

FMOD is a great addition to any game project, but only offers official support for Unity or Unreal. If you are a Godot user, then there is a little setup work to be done to integrate with FMOD. Thankfully, there has been some great work completed by the open source community in the form of two repositories: godot-fmod-integration and fmod-gdnative. This article will cover setting up and running a basic Godot project with FMOD support using the fmod-gdnative repository....

December 20, 2020 路 Thomas Langford

Creating a New Godot Project

This article will cover setting up a basic Godot Engine project for a 2D game. Godot Project Setup Step 1: If you do not already have Godot installed, then download and install the latest release from the Godot Engine Downloads page for your platform. Step 2: Start Godot and you should be presented with the Project Manager window. Create a new Godot project by clicking the New Project button located on the right side of the window....

December 15, 2020 路 Thomas Langford

Hello World

Welcome to bytesnsprites.com! Here you will find a collection of articles and tutorials on game development. Happy coding!

December 11, 2020 路 Thomas Langford